Winterwood Project: Finding Your Way Home #1

Tomorrow I’m going to  to record my first solo professional piano project Winterwood Project: Finding Your Way Home. A Steinway grand piano at a state of the art digital studio at a lovely lake setting should be inspiring. One of the biggest internal hurdles was deciding (after being encouraged by many people for a long time now) that my music is worth the time, effort and expense. Well, it is! On the practical side, since some of my pieces are only about two minutes long I’ve arranged them in sets of 5-9 minutes each. That has, of course, necessitated interludes, modulations or magic between pieces and means sometimes six pages per set. Ah, but no page rustling allowed! Reducing and literally cutting and pasting pages and then attaching with removable tape to a  piece of foam core board extending beyond the music rack has solved that problem. May God bless the work of my hands!

Stay tuned…


Country Folk Piano Duets: National Federation of Music Clubs

Country Folk Duets Country Folk Duets Country Folk Duets

Country Folk Duets by Ellen Foncannon. Piano Duet (1 Piano, 4 Hands). Early Intermediate level piece for the Piano Duet event with the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) Festivals. Book. 40 pages. Published by Alfred Music Publishing (AP.88859).

A collection of 7 original intermediate duets in country style, this book will be both enjoyable and instructive, with a nice balance of melodic duty between the performers, a variety of meters and styles, and even lyrical content in most of the songs.
Country Folk Duets Country Folk Duets Country Folk Duets

Boogie Man Boogie

Free music by Ellen @  Search Foncannon. Today’s feature Feb. 14 is:


Patriotic arrangement by Ellen Stephenson Foncannon

This is one of my very favorite piano and organ duets of God of Our Fathers/America, the Beautiful.


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