A New Bio

What happens when you’re eight years old and fall in love with the piano?

  • You become the church organist in the fourth grade and play for the next 53 years.
  • You perform “She Loves You” for your fifth grade talent show and poof…you’re booking your 2017-18 concert series (Seriously, I am. Talk to me.)
  • You start writing music and can’t stop (700+ songs)
  • You start recording your music and can’t stop. (Three albums, so far.)
  • You sell almost a million copies of a crazy musical parody “Cold and Fugue Season” and hope it won’t stop. (Thank you, Herr Bach.)
  • You find students at your door and let them in. A thousand students later, you’re an expert.
  • You can’t imagine your life without music.
  • You are truly blessed.

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